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Charles Rosier

Charles Rosier has 15 years of investment banking experience at Lehman Brothers, UBS Warburg and Goldman Sachs. Charles Rosier has been a partner of BTG Pactual since 2010, where he is in charge of client relations and development in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Charles Rosier’s Experience

Charles Rosier started his career at Lehman Brothers in 1996, before joining UBS Warburg as manager of the Debt Capital Markets division in 1997. After a first offer in 1999, Charles Rosier finally joined Goldman Sachs in 2009 as Managing Director of the financing group, in charge of capital markets and derivatives. In 2010, Charles Rosier joined the Brazilian bank BTG Pactual as a Partner, in order develop the bank’s operations and relations outside of Brazil, particularly in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Besides his professional experience, Charles Rosier has been an active supporter of humanitarian and environmental causes.
Charles Rosier was one of the first investors in MPOWERD, a social business producing solar-powered lanterns aimed at the developing countries and eco-responsible consumers in industrialised countries. (Articles about MPOWERD : The Daily BeastPR News Wire)

Charles Rosier also supports Professor Etienne Baulieu’s biopharmaceutical company Mapreg, that works on finding cures for strokes, depression, tetraplegia and Alzheimer’s. The firm’s results in all these fields are very promising, and a drug for strokes with damage to the spinal cord is already in clinical trials.

Charles Rosier is also a pro-bono advisor for Innoveox, a French company that has developed a high-tech, pollution-free and patented technology to destroy micropollutants as well as urban, industrial and military waste. At the end of the treatment cycle, energy and clean water are produced with no CO2 emissions and a 99,99 % rate of waste destruction. The processing units are mobile, thus avoiding pollution and risks linked to the transport of waste.

A culture enthusiast, Charles Rosier was involved in the pre-production of « Golden Door », which won a Silver Lion at Venice Film Festival in the 2000s. He also helped young French singer Lola produce her debut album, « Everybody Relax ».

Charles Rosier graduated from ESCP Europe. He speaks French, English, Spanish and is currently learning Portuguese.

Charles Rosier plays tennis and enjoys snowboarding, freefall, windsurfing and kitesurfing.